Saturday, May 08, 2004

I have a disconcerting mismatch between my Dutch and English spreadsheets

I have my spreadsheet that has calculations for all the Dutch ships in the First Anglo-Dutch War, as well as those that participated in the Battle of the Sound, in 1658. I just started a comparable spreadsheet for the English, based on the Dutch spreadsheet. There are differences, of course, as my English spreadsheet has only the English gun types, plus those captured Dutch gun types as they used (12pdr, 8pdr, 6pdr, and 3pdr). For the English, I want to enter length of keel, beam outside the planking, and depth in hold, rather than length from stem to stern, beam inside the planking, and the Dutch hold measurement.

A big issue is that for one of the standard Dutch ship charters (116ft x 27ft x 11ft), my English burden calculation seems too large (326t). My new calculation (289t) seems much more plausible. The Anthony Bonaventure (36 guns) served in both navies, and my Dutch figures are suspect, as well.

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