Monday, May 03, 2004

Dutch Ships in French Documents

I would greatly appreciate any help someone might be able to make with what I have on, what I got from Jan Glete's notes and copies. It is Dutch Ships in French Documents, and I took a shot at .trying match what is there to known Dutch ships. The problem is that there are more ships listed than we know about. If anyone, who is a French speaker, who might be able to help, I would be willing to supply copies of what Jan Glete sent. There are some pages written in a fine hand, all in French, that are copies of the oriiginals. Others are Jan Glete's notes. Over the last year, I have gotten quite good at reading what he wrote 20 years ago. They all seem to have been written in pencil, which makes sense to me, after my experience at the James Ford Bell Library, looking at old materials. You don't want to risk getting ink from a ballpoint pen on the old books.

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