Sunday, April 15, 2007

This list of the Dutch fleet from late 1652

This one list of the Dutch fleet from late 1652 is quite informative. It has information such as that Witte de With's flag captain was Jan de Liefde. It also says that at the time, Jan Aertsz van Nes commanded the ship of his father, Aert van Nes. He was a luitenant of his father's ship, the Gelderland. In another case, it has a bracket that seems to associate both Jan Gideonsz Verburgh and Cornelis Adriaensz Kruijck with the VOC ship "Vogel Struijs" (the Vogelstruis). There is another Amsterdam Lt-Commandeur named what looks like Joris Faesz, which I don't recognize. Later on, there is list item that shows that by this date, Crijn Cornelisz Mangelaer commanded the Wapen van Zierickzee, the ship formerly commanded by Cornelis Rocusz Fincen. Even further towards the end of the list are the names of Volckert Schram, commandeur Johannes Bourgoigne, and Harman Munneckes (the way it is spelled here). Carl Stapel says that at this date, Volckert Schram commanded the Noorderkwartier ship Lastdrager.

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