Sunday, April 29, 2007

Joost Bulter's ship in early 1653

Joost Bulter commanded the ship Stad Groeningen en Ommelanden from late 1652 to mid-1653, when the ship was sunk at the Battle of the Gabbard and he was drowned. The first pages showed the ship with just 28 guns, but the latest things I have seen show that the ship carried 38 guns. The 38 guns included four bronze 12pdr, of which two were klokwijs guns (with a bell-shaped chamber) and the rest were divided among 10pdr, 8pdr, and 5pdr guns. The ship was not that large, just 120ft long. This seems to be the ship that the published literature calls "the Kameel". I have yet to understand where that name came from. I would have guessed that the picture on the tafferel had a camel, but I have been repeatedly assured that it could not have had a camel.

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