Thursday, April 05, 2007

A ship named Medemblik from 1690

There was a ship named Medemblik, Stad Medemblik, or Wapen van Medemblik built in 1690 and captured by the French in 1693. The Medemblik was built at Medemblik (or was in built at Enkhuizen?). The dimensions were approximately 135ft x34ft x 15ft, although there is some uncertainty about them. The French measured the ship at different times and got different results. For example, in 1696, they said that the Medemblik measured 138ft x 39ft x 12ft. Later, the length was stated to be 122ft. Perhaps thay used a different part of the ship for the length measurement. The Dutch used "stem to sternpost". The Medemblik carried anywhere from 50 to 64 guns and had a crew of 210 men. Sources:
  1. Ron van Maanen, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Warships 1600-1800", undated but circa 1992

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