Monday, April 02, 2007

One troubling issue: the ship belonging to the Rotterdam Chamber of the VOC

The outline list of ships at Vlissingen (actually including some ships at the Texel and at Goeree) in early July 1653 names very few ships. One of those named is the ship said to belong to the Rotterdam Chamber of the VOC. The name is given as the David en Goliat and the ship is said to be "old". This is add odds with other information that we have, chiefly from Witte de With's journal, that gives the ship name as Wapen van Nassau. Ron van Maanen even has dimensions for the ship. The page that dates from March 1653, when the six VOC ships were hired for use by the fleet says that the Nassau was a new ship. Ron van Maanen equates Nassau with Wapen van Nassau, and thinks that it is the ship of the Rotterdam Chamber of the VOC. So why does the July 1653 list say what it does?

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