Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have several books that would be good to sell. Two are high value, and not for everyone, while two others might be of more general interest:
1)  Lieuwe van Aitzema, Saken van staet en
oorlogh, in, ende omtrent de Vereenigde Nederlanden,
beginnende met het jaer 1621,ende eyndigende met het jaar 1669. 
's Gravenhage, Johan Veely, Johan Tongerloo, ende Jasper Doll, 1669-1672. 6
volumes in 7. With titles printed in red and black, engraved frontispiece,
engraved portrait. - 
Also: L. Sylvius (= Lambertus van den Bos). Historien onses
tyds, behelzende saken van staat en oorlogh .. Amst.,
Jan ten Hoorn, 1685-1699. 4 volumes. With engraved
portraits and plans. Together 11 volumes.

2)  Pieter Castelyn, Hollandtze Mercurius, Vervatende Het Gepasseerde in Europa, Voornamentlijk in Den Engelze Ende Nederlantschen Oorlog in 't Jaer 1666. Het Seventhiende Deel, Together with the Same, Vols 18 , 19, 20 and 21 (covers
the years 1666 to 1670).

3)  Frank Fox, Great Ships: the Battlefleet of King Charles II, Conway Maritime
Press, 1980.

4)  John R. Stevens, AN ACCOUNT OF THE CONSTRUCTION AND EMBELLISHMENT OF OLD TIME SHIPS, 1949. This is number 177 of 500.

5) Dr. Frank Howard, Sailing Ships of War 1400-1860, Greenwich, 1979.

6) L. G. Carr Laughton, Old Ship Figure-Heads & Sterns, Republished by Conway Maritime Press in 1991. The original was published in 1925.

7) N. Aartsma, Michiel De Ruyter 1607-1676, Een Heldenleven in Flechtsvervulling voor het Vaderland, s'Gravenhage, 1942.

8) Hans Christian Bjerg and John Erichsen, Danske orlogsskibe 1690-1860, 1980. Published by Lademanns Forlag. Two volumes, the latter with plans and drawings.

9) E. Keble Chatterton, Sailing Models Ancient & Modern, London, 1934

10) W. Voorbeijtel Cannenburg, Beschrijvende Catalogus der Scheepsmodelen en Scheepsbouwkundige Teekeningen 1600-1900, Amsterdam, 1943

11) J. C. M. Warnsinck, Admiraal De Ruyter De Zeeslag op Schooneveld Juni 1673, s'Gravenhage, 1930

If you have any interest in these, please contact me by email. By the way, I recently sold a copy of John Charnock's History of Marine Architecture to The Ten Pound Island Book Company, along with a copy of Thomas Lediard's book , The Naval History of England in all its branches, London, 1735. I would imagine that they could be purchased there, if you are interested.

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