Saturday, October 08, 2005

Reynst Corneliszoon Sevenhuysen's ships

I have decided that my previous view of Reynst Corneliszoon Sevenhuysen was mistaken. I had assumed that the Rode Leeuw and the Profeet Samuel were different names for the same ship. We knew that he commanded the hired ship Rode Leeuw in 1652. We know that ship was paid off at some date. The Rode Leeuw seems to have carried 24 guns and had a crew of 85 men. At the Battle of the Gabbard, he apparently commanded the Profeet Samuel, another hired ship. That ship was apparently damaged sufficiently in the Battle of the Gabbard, in June 1653, that he was ordered to move his crew to the VOC ship Mars, and take command. He most likely commanded the Mars on the voyage to Norway with Witte de With's fleet sent to convoy returning VOC ships home. By July 1654, Reynst Corneliszoon Sevenhuysen commanded the newly built Alkmaar (32 guns).

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