Sunday, October 30, 2005

I spoke with Frank Fox about the Maen van Edam and Hendrik Pieterszoon

I spoke with Frank Fox recently and we discussed the ship "Man van Edam" mentioned by Schaap in his article about the Admiralty of Friesland. He says that the ship was hired by the Friesland Directors. The dimensions that Schaap mentions are notable, as I have written before: 168ft ( ? ) x 47ft x 19ft. This ship appears, in fact, to be the ship captured by the English as the Battle of the Gabbard (Nieuwpoort) in June 1653. In Frank Fox's first book, Great Ships: the Battlefleet of King Charles II (1980), he reproduces the dimensions for the "Half Moon" (the name given the ship by the English): keel 97ft beam 25ft depth in hold 10ft-8in. Using my system for converting these to Dutch dimensions, I would calculate the dimensions as 130ft x 28ft x 12ft, radically different from Schaap's dimensions. Frank Fox says that if the English had captured a ship of the dimensions mentioned by Schaap, we would see reference to it in the English records (which we do not see). We can only conclude that for some reason, Schaap was mistaken in his dimensions.

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