Monday, October 10, 2005

Dutch Captain: Dirck Hendrickszoon Vogelsang

Dirck Hendrickszoon Vogelsang served the Amsterdam Directors during the First Anglo-Dutch War. In early 1652, he was Frederick de Coninck's lieutenant on the Groote Vergulde Fortuijn, a large ship that carried 35 guns, early in the war. The ship was 141ft x 31ft x 14-1/2ft with a height between decks of 7ft. He took part in Tromp's voyage to the Shetlands in July-August 1652. His ship survived the storm. In 1653, he commanded the Amsterdam Directors' ship Koning David (28 guns). He took part in the voyage to Norway, under the command of Witte de With, and was drowned, along with his whole crew, when the Koning David sank in the great storm in late October to early November 1653. Sources:
  1. C. T. Atkinson, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol. VI, 1930.
  2. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Directors' Ship Information 1652-1653", 2004.
  3. Johan E. Elias, Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen, Vol.VI, 1930.

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