Tuesday, October 25, 2005

English Captain: Thomas Fowler

Thomas Fowler(or Fouler) served in the Restoration navy. The Duke of York appointed him as lieutenant of the Reserve in 1670. In 1672, he was lieutenant of the York. Later in 1672, the Duke of York appointed him First Lieutenant of the London. In 1673, he was First Lieutenant of the Prince. Prince Rupert promoted him to second captain of the Prince, later in 1673. He was Sir Edward Spragge's flag captain at the Battle of the Texel, when Spragge was drowned while transferring to another ship. After that, still in 1673, he was captain of the Rupert. The King reappointed him as captain of the Rupert on 27 December 1673. On 27 April 1675, the King appointed him as captain of the Swallow. The King next appointed him as captain of the Greenwich on 7 January 1678 (1677 in the old style). On 12 April, he was moved to the Henrietta. On 22 September, he was back as captain of the Swallow (50 guns). In an unfortunate incident, three ships, which he took to be Algerines, mistook him for an Algerine. He He gave chase and drove them ashore. The proved to be a French merchant ship and two English merchantships. This was sometime in 1679. On 14 April 1683, the commissioners appointed him as captain of the Woolwich. The King appointed him as captain of the prize Golden Horse on 29 April 1685. Somewhat later, on 111 June, he was moved to the Happy Return. Sources:
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