Wednesday, October 19, 2005

English Captain: Thomas Bridgeman

Thomas Bridgeman served in the Restoration navy. In 1664, he was appointed as lieutenant of the Bristol. Later in 1664, he became lieutenant of the 3rd Rate Resolution. In 1665, he was appointed as lieutenant of the 2nd Rate Swiftsure. In 1666, he was promoted to captain of the Guernsey. In 1668, he became captain of the Speedwell. In 1669, he was captain of the prize Fountain. In 1672, he was captain of the Sweepstakes (40 guns). In August, he was assigned to Sir Joseph Jordan's division in the Red Squadron. In 1673, he was appointed commander of the Greenwich. We know that the Greenwich (54 guns) took part in the Schooneveld battles and the Battle of the Texel. We know for certain that Thomas Bridgeman commanded her in the Schooneveld Battles. Sources:
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  3. J. C. M. Warnsinck, Admiraal De Ruyter De Zeeslag op Schooneveld Juni 1673, 1930.

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