Friday, July 01, 2005

My updated translation of the piece on Hans Bournon (thanks to Marco Schuffelen)

Marco Schuffelen (of "Hear Dutch") helped me with my translation problems with the piece on Hans Bournon. Here is my latest attempt at a translation:
Hans Bournon served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He was in the second expedition sent against Spain from 12 November 1626 to 10 July 1627. He commanded the ship Roode Leeuw, a vessel of 150 lasts. A ship of that size would be about 116ft x 27ft x 11ft. The crew was 100 sailors. He had been present in Haultain's expedition to the Mediterranean Sea from 1620-1621 and in 1623 he defended his convoy against a superior Dunkirk force and drove them off. In February 1624, he shot a Dunkerker and caused such a severe leak that the ship was stranded on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and broke up and so was lost. In 1625, he served in the fleet commanded by Haultain that aided Louis XIII in his fight with Rochelle. In 1627, he fought 8 Dunkirk privateers and escaped with his ship and crew. On 10 September 1627, he was accused of cowardice for abandoning the herring buses. This is based on the information and biography in the document sent to me by Mr. Carl Stapel: "Tweede Nederlandsche Engelse vloot in 12 november 1626 tot 10 juli 1627 naar Spanje".
The sentence of interest is the one about February 1624. The shot caused such a severe leak that the ship was stranded and broke up.

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