Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The 15 Dutch three-deckers built between 1682 and 1695

Mr. Carl Stapel had sent me the list of 15 Dutch three-deckers built during 1682 and 1695 as part of their building program. I have seen various versions of this list. This one originates from a Mariner's Mirror article by R. C. Anderson from 1929. This is probably not available on the Internet, so this is the list. I have annotated it slightly:
Dutch three-deckers.

R.C. Anderson wrote a paper in the MM 1929
nr. 1 pag 5-14 about Dutch Three Deckers. He
mentions that there were 15 built from the
period 1682-1695

Adm Year  Name
Z   1682  Zeelandia, 90 guns
N   1682  Westfriesland, 90 guns
M   1683  Admiraal-Generaal
A   1683  Prinses Maria, 92 guns
A   1687  Prins Willem
Z   1688  Koning Willem, 90 guns
N   1688  Kasteel van Medemblik
A   1689  Keurvorst van Brandenburg
A   1689  Keurvorstin van Brandenburg
A   1689  Keurvorst van Saksen
N   1690  Beschermer, 90 guns
M   1691  Beschermer     
A   1692  Unie, 94 guns
M   1694  Zeven Provincien, 90 guns
A   1695  Vrijheid, 96 guns

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