Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Amsterdam ship Hollandia (1665)

Thanks to Mr. Carl Stapel, who sent us a piece about the Amsteram ship Hollandia (1665). This is based on a rare pamphlet from 1913. This is my translation of his piece:
Amsterdam  Hollandia:  165ft  x 41-3/4ft  x 15-1/4ft  80 guns  In service from 1665-1683

Ship of the 1st Charter; Admiralty shipyard in Amsterdam   lauched in 1665        

 80 guns: 10-24pdr; 18-18pdr; 28-12pdr; 20-6pdr and 4-6pdr

   Date  Commander              Guns Sailors Soldiers  Notes
   1665  Michiel de Ruyter      80                     Cruising in the North Sea
   1666  Cornelis Tromp         80   475               In the Texel roads
 6/1666  Cornelis Tromp         80   400     50        Four Days Battle                 
         Hendrik Hondius flag captain
 8/1666  Cornelis Tromp         80   373     36        Two Days Battle 
                                                       (St James Day)
         Hendrik Hondius flag  captain
9/1666  Willem Baron van Ghent  80                     Cruising in the North Sea
6/1667  Willem van der Zaan     80   400     40        Raid on Chatham
7/1667  Willem van der Zaan     80   380     40        Failed attack on Harwich
  1671  Isaac Sweers Vice-Adm   80   350     61        Patrolling in the Channel
6/1673  Jan den Haen SBN        80   348     78        Schooneveld I
6/1673  Jan den Haen SBN                               Schooneveld II
8/1673  Jan den Haen SBN                               Kijkduin (the Texel)
  1674  Cornelis Tromp Lt-Adm   82                     expedition to 
                                                        the French coast
11/1678 Cornelis Evertsen 
              de Jonge V.Adm    80                     Expedition to 
                                                        the Mediterranean Sea
1678-1682 Laid up in the Amsterdam dock in the naval magazine at IJ.                       
  1683  Willem Graaf van Stirum  V.A. 
                                80                     Expedition to Gothenburg
19/11/1683  The ship was lost in a heavy storm on the Dutch coast.
Fate: On the way back from Gothenburg in 1683 the ship was assaulted by a for days by a constant heavy storm which caused the ship to lose its head and barge. The masts had be cut down and the stern and side rails came apart from each other. The ship started to slowly work. The crew fired distress signals and during a quieter moment a full meeting occurred with the ship Moriaans Hoofd under command of Daniel Elsevier. Just a moment later the ship disappeared in the waves somewhere near the coast of North-Holland. Source: G.C.E. Crone, ’s Lands Schip Hollandia 1664-1683, 1913.

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