Monday, July 18, 2005

Dutch Captain: Willem Janszoon Stoffelszoon

Willem Janszoon Stoffelszoon fought in the Battle of the Sound in 1658. He commanded one of two ships hired by the city of Amsterdam. His ship was the Cogge (sometimes called Boge or Kogge). The Cogge carried 40 guns and had a crew of 109 sailors and 30 soldiers. Prof. Jan Glete established last year, by examining the literature, that the two ships, Cogge and Waag, which always had been something of a mystery, were hired by the city of Amsterdam for this voyage. Prof. Glete had immediately thought that Cogge and Waag sounded like names for merchant ships, which proved to be the case. Captain Stoffelszoon seems to have been assigned to Witte de With's van squadron. Sources:
  1. Dr. Carl Ballhausen, Sowie der Schwedisch-Höllandische Seekrieg 1658-1659, 1923.

  2. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript “Dutch Captains”, 2004.

  3. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1600-1700", 2005.

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