Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dutch Captain: Cornelis Loncke

Cornelis Loncke served the Admiralty of Zeeland. In the First Anglo-Dutch War, he commanded the Faam (30 guns and a crew of 110 men). In the summer of 1652, he was with De Ruyter's fleet engaged in convoying in the Channel. He fought in the Battle of Plymouth on August 26, 1652. He was assigned to De Ruyter's squadron in that battle. He fought in the Battle of the Kentish Knock on October 8, 1652. He was probably still in De Ruyter's squadron. On December 10, 1652, he fought in the Battle of Dungeness, where he was assigned to Jan Evertsen's squadron. In the Three Days Battle (the Battle of Portland), he was assigned to Jan Evertsen's squadron. His ship was captured by the English in the last battle. He was apparently captured with his ship. Sources:
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