Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Dutch Courts Martial after the Battle of Lowestoft

This spring, Mr. Carl Stapel had sent me the details of the captains that were court martialed after the Battle of Lowestoft. That still seems to be of interest, as can't be found in the usual published sources (Brandt and De Jonge). I have just done a bit of editing. He found the details in the Van den Bosch biography (pages 258-260) of Cornelis Tromp from 1692. It turns out that Cornelis Tromp was chairman of the Court Martial:
These are the captains (and admiral) tried by the court martial:

Sentenced to death by default (he defected to the English)
M  captain Laurens Heemskerk   -  frigate Vrede
Sentenced to death and shot:
VOC-captain Jan Onklaar           ship  Nieuwe Batavia
A  captain  Anthony van de Marre  ship Wakende Boei
N  captain Jacob Bruinings        ship Westfriesland
Sword broken before their eyes and shamed :
A  captain Willem van der Codde   ship IJlst frigate
A  capain  Jan van der Mars       ship Maagd van Enkhuizen
VOC capt  Apollony Pool           ship Sphera Mundi
Banned from the Republic and labelled unfit for service ever again:
N  captain  Samuel Huisman        ship Jupiter
M  captain  Jacob van der Cam     ship Gorinchem
M  steersman Ate Stinstra of the Groot Hollandia. He
    fled the fleet with this ship when Cortenaer died.
Johan Evertsen was cleared of any charges and freed.

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