Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dutch Captain: Gerrit Hollaer

This is from my translation of the piece in Dr. M. G. De Boer's book Tromp en de Armada van 1639 (1941):
Gerrit Hollaer, of Vlissingen, son of Marinus Hollaer, the victor in the battle of the Slaak, was commander of a frigate, presumably the "Ter Tholen". In the beginning of the campaign, he played a not unimportant role and was dispatched on 12 May to La Coruna to see what the situation was there. He captured a pair of Biscayan ships near Cape Ortegal by boarding. He was then sent home with his prizes under the command of Coulster. On 9 July, he is with the fleet, but disappears from our sight; he did not take part in the decisive fighting and did not take a prize; he does not appear on the booty list.

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