Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some of the more substantial ships in May 1653

Page 116 of Witte de With's letters is pretty interesting, as some quite substantial ships are listed. These are some of them, annotated by what I know to be the correct ship names:
Adm    Ship                   Guns Crew  Commander
A      Vrijheid               50   207   vice-admiraal Witte de With
                                         on the ship of 
                                         kapitein Abraham van der Hulst
A      Vrede                  44   192   commandeur Gideon de Wildt (or Wilde)
A      Leeuwarden             34   148   kapitein Govert Reael
A      Bommel                 34   110   kapitein Pieter van Braeckel
A      Zeelandia              34   130   kapitein Nicolaes Marrevelt
A      Campen                 40   158   kapitein Willem van der Zaan (Saen)
A-Dir  Grote Sint Matheeus    42   155   kapitein Cornelis Laureszoon
A-Dir  Davit en Goliat        34   125   kapitein Claes Bastiaensz van Jaersvelt
Page 117 continues the list and has the largest ship of the lot. Page 118 has several large ship, as well:
Adm    Ship                   Guns Crew  Commander
M      Brederode              56   268   the ship of lt-admiraal Tromp

R-Dir  Prins                  38   168   kapitein Jacob Cleijdijck
N      Stad Monnikendam       36   178   schout-bij-nacht Pieter Floriszoon

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