Sunday, December 31, 2006

English Naval Officer: Richard May

Richard May served in the Restoration navy. The Duke of York appointed him in 1665 as Captain of the Satisfaction. After the Battle of Lowestoft, he was appointed as Captain of the Dutch prize Helverston (Hilversum). Later in 1665, he commanded the Dutch prize Clovetree. In 1666, the Duke of Albemarle and Prince Rupert appointed him captain of the Gloucester. In 1668, the Duke of York appointed him to command the 4th Rate Dragon. Finally, on 18 November 1682, the Commissioners appointed him to command the 4th Rate Ruby. He died before 1689. Sources:
  1. J.R. Tanner, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Vol.I, 1903

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