Friday, December 29, 2006

Ships from David de Wildt's list

David de Wildt's list that was prepared in early 1652 to show ships that might be suitable for hiring. One of those ships was the Peereboom, owned by Tijs Tijmenszoon (Peereboom). The dimensions are: 112ft x 24-1/2ft x 11-1/2ft x 6ft. There are more ships that seem pretty obviously ones that were hired:

St. Jan Battista

118ft x 25ft x 12ft x 5-1/2ft


121ft x 26-3/4ft x 11-1/4ft x 6ft

St. Pieter

123ft x 28-1/4ft x 13ft x 6-1/2ft


128ft x 28ft x 13-1/4ft x 6-3/4ft

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