Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Noorderkwartier ship "Golden Bell"

In The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, the ship commanded by Teunis Vechterszoon was called the Scheletje. Witte de With's journal calls the ship Schel, in September 1652. After Teunis Vechtersoon's death on 26 June 1653. Claes Valehen had been his lieutenant, and he was appointed to command the ship after that. A pamphlet was printed in 1652, based on Hendrik Ernestus de Bertrij's journal. The pamphlet mentions a ship named the Vergulde Klok. That must be the same ship as the Vergulde Schel, which other documents call the Schel. Schel and Klok both mean "bell". This discussion also draws upon personal communications from Carl Stapel.

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