Thursday, December 21, 2006

"For the convoy to the East" in August 1652

The list of Amsterdam ships on 5 August 1652 includes ships that were sent to the "East" for a convoy to "Muscovy". That meant going into the Sound and through the Baltic. Some of those ships were in the Baltic Squadron in December 1652, and you have to wonder if some of these other ships were there, as well:
Adm    Ship              Guns Crew Captain
A      Phesant           32   120  Jan Jansz Lapper
A      Bommel            30   100  Pieter van Brakel
A      Omlandia          30   100  ship of Jacob Troncquois
A      Sampson           26    90  Hendrick Adriaenszoon
A      Westfriesland     28   100  Hendrick Huyskens
A      Engel Gabriel     28   100  Maarten Schaeff
A      Aemilia           28   100  Willem van der Zaan
A      Patientia         25    80  Adriaen van Loenen
A      Brak              18    70  Pieter van Zalingen
A      Windhond          18    70  Dirck Pietersz Heertjes

  1. James C. Bender, "Admiralty of Amsterdam Ships on 5 August 1652", 2006

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