Sunday, October 22, 2006

Witte de With had referred to Pieter Gorcum's ship as a jacht

In September 1652, in The First Dutch War, Vol.II, Witte de With referred to Pieter Gorcum's ship as a jacht. Carl Stapel and Ron van Maanen both give the ship, the Sandenburgh, a length of 100ft. This is the same length as the Japonder van Dordrecht (or Dordrecht) and the Friesland jacht Waterhond. Both were also 100ft long and were three-masted jachts. The Japonder carried up to 17 guns and the Waterhond carried 16 guns. The Sandenburgh was more heavily armed, with 24 guns and had a crew of 90 men in September 1652. Sources:
  1. Ron van Maanen, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Warships 1600-1800", undated, but circa 1992
  2. Carl Stapel, personal communication "Dates of ships of Zeeland", 2006
  3. Witte de With, journals from 1652 to 1658, Archive E8812 from the Riksarkivet, Stockholm

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