Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dutch ships in service on 9 June 1652

I was surprised to learn from Carl Stapel, that on 9 June 1652, the Dutch had 186 ships in service. This is a considerably larger number than I had thought, which was about 112 ships. 46 these ships were away from home waters, with as many as 15 ships in the Mediterranean Sea under the command of Joris van Cats. He flew his flag on the new Jaarsveld (44 guns). Another 16 ships were in the fishery protection squadron in the North Sea. 10 ships were still in Brazil, but actually on the return voyage to the Netherlands. 5 more were off the coast of Spain near Cape St. Vincent. Of the 100 ships to be hired by the Admiralties, there were only 38 in service. All 50 of the Directors' ships were in service by this date. Source:
  1. Carl Stapel, personal communication "Memorie schepen 9 Juni 1652", 2006

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