Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some Dutch ships from 1641-1642

Ron van Maanen has the details of some Dutch ships from 1641 to 1642. They are the sort of hired ship that was used to fight the Dunkirkers in this period:
Adm Ship                Guns  Crew    Length    Beam     Hold    Height between decks
N   Drie Helden Davids  36    91-100  140ft     29ft     12ft      4-1/2ft
A   Engel Gabriel       28    80      142ft     26-1/2ft 13ft      7ft
N   Gouden Leeuw        24    74-90   112ft     26ft     12-1/2ft  6-1/2ft
N   Graaf Maurits       20-22 55-60   120ft     26ft     11-1/2ft  5-3/4ft
N   Hoop                28    79-80   140ft     26ft     12ft
A   Neptunus            20    59-60   105ft     24ft     10-1/2ft  6-1/2ft
A   Pelikaan            30-32 94-100  136ft     29-1/2ft 14ft      6ft-7in
A   Prins               36-38 116-120 142ft     29-1/2ft 13-1/2ft 
A   Prins van Portugaal 24-26 70      124ft     26ft     11-1/2ft  6ft
M   Roode Leeuw         36-37 118-120 134ft     34ft     14ft      5 or 7ft
A   Sint Andries        36    106-120 136ft     29-1/2ft           6-3/4ft
A   Sint Jacob          26    87-90   123-1/2ft 28-1/2ft           6-1/4ft
N   Sint Maarten        30    100     147ft     28ft     14ft     
M   Tijger              20    54-60   120ft     26ft     11-1/2ft  6ft
M   Witte Engel         30    80-94   130ft     26ft     12-1/2ft  6-1/2ft
A   Zwaan               30-32 89-100  134ft     28-1/2ft 13-1/4ft  6-1/2ft

  1. Ron van Maanen, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Warships 1600-1800", undated, but circa 1992

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