Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Noorderkwartier Directors' ship Herderinne

Dirck Gerritsz Pomp commanded the Noorderkwarter Directors' ship Herderinne (the more usual spelling would be Harderin), at least from May to November 1653. This ship seems to have escaped the notice of Ron van Maanen. We are forced to rely upon Witte de With's journals. The ship is also mentioned a large hand-written sheet from May or June 1653. These are some notes about the ship:
         Ship             Guns  Crew  Captain
May 1653 Herderinne       31    125   Dirck Gerritsz Pomp
The ship is named on page 202 of E8812, circa October 1653 in Witte de With's journal. There are very few references to this ship that I have seen.

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