Friday, October 06, 2006

Corstiaen Corstiaenszoon

Lists in 1652 call the captain of the ship we now know was named the Prins, "Corstiaen Corstiaensz". New information found by Carl Stapel seems to indicate that he might have had a last name of "de Munnicq". I have found "Corstiaen" and "Christiaen" frequently being used interchangeably in 17th Century Dutch. Carl found a reference to "Christiaen de Munnicq" as captain of the ship Prins, with 38 guns. The ship is the Rotterdam Directors' ship, so I would surmise that the captain's full name was "Corstiaen Corstiaensz de Munnicq" (or substitute "Christiaen" for "Corstiaen"). (CORRECTED)

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