Friday, August 12, 2005

Dutch Naval Officer: Willem de Zoete, Heer Haultain

This is based on my translation of the entry in Mollema's "Honor Roll", augmented with additional information from Het Admiralenboek and Mr. Carl Stapel's lists. I have corrected the birth date:
Willem de Zoete, Heer Haultain, served the Admiralty of Zeeland. He lived from 1565 until 26 September 1637. He died at Sluis. He served as a Lieutenant-Admiral from 1601-1627. In 1605, he commanded the Channel Fleet. His commanders took many Spanish ships. In 1606, he commanded two expeditions to the Spanish coast, and abandoned Reinier Claessen. In 1611 to 1612, he fought pirates in the Spanish sea. In 1618 and 1620-1621, he commanded expeditions to fight pirates in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1622, he was entrusted with defending Tholen. From 1623 to 1624, he was squadron commander in the Channel. From 1623 to 1625, he was commander of the naval forces of the Republic. In 1625, he commanded an expedition against La Rochelle. He fought two battles against Soubise, and distinguished himself. He was awarded a gold chain by the French king. In 1626, he was charged with the defense of Sluis. He left the service on 7 March 1627 and became governor of Sluis.
  1. Luc Eekhout, Het Admiralenboek: De Vlagofficieren van de Nederlandse marine 1382-1991, 1992.
  2. J. C. Mollema, De Eere Rol, from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee, Vol.II, 1940.

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