Friday, August 19, 2005

Dutch Captains: Jan Uyttenhout and Pieter Janszoon Uyttenhout

Jan Uyttenhout served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1652 and 1653, he operated with the Dutch fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. He commanded the ship Zutphen (36 guns), one of seven Amsterdam ships in the Mediterreanean in July 1652. In March of 1653, he fought at the Battle of Livorno. In June 1665, Pieter Janszoon Uyttenhout fought in the Battle of Lowestoft. Presumably, he was Jan's son, as his name implies. Pieter Janszoon Uyttenhout commanded the Groningen in 1665. He fought in the Four Days' Battle in June 1666, where he commanded the Landman (46 guns). His ship was burnt by a fireship on the fourth day and blew up. Of the crew of 230 men, 180 were killed, including Pieter Uyttenhout. Sources:
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