Wednesday, August 31, 2005

An article about Philip van der Goes (UPDATED)

Our friend Andrew passed on an article, in Dutch, about the naval officer Philip van der Goes. This is based on my translation of that article:
Philips van der Goes (Delt 1651-for the river the Var 9 July 1707), Netherlands fleet commander, became a captain of the Admiralty of Amsterdam in 1678, in 1691 Schout bij Nacht, and in 1697 was appointed Vice-Admiral of the Admiralty of the Maze. He distinguished himself in the Battle of Cape La Hougue (29 May 1692) and commanded the Netherlands squadron in the combined fleet of Sir George Rooke, which, with many merchant ships, was attacked by Tourville near Lagos. In the War of the Spanish Succession, he was appointed as Schout-bij-Nacht and took part in the destruction of French ships convoying the Spanish silver fleet in Vigo Bay (23 October 1702). He died in 1707 on his flagship.
We also know that he commanded the following ships:
Date   Admiralty   Ship             Guns      Notes
  1688 Amsterdam   Sneek            36 guns
5/1692 Maze        Admiraal General 84 guns   Battle of Barfleur
  1696 Maze        Ridderschap      72 guns
  1702 Maze        Zeven Provincien 90 guns   Battle of Vigo

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