Monday, August 29, 2005

The Admiralty of Friesland ship Breda

We are again indebted to Mr. Carl Stapel for this information about the Friesland ship Breda. This is based on A. Vreugdenhil's notes and from Schaap's article in the Jaarboek Fries Scheepvaartmuseum. "According to Schaap, the Breda was originally built for the VOC", but the ship was too small to be profitable, so "the Admiralty of Harlingen bought it".
Breda 1637

Admiralty:  Name:   Length: Beam: Guns:     In service:
Friesland   Breda   120     29    24        1637-1658

Armament  1658:  6-12pdr, 10-8pdr, 12-6pdr, and 4-4pdr

Het schip was oorspronkelijk voor de VOC gebouwd. 

Date     Captain               Guns Crew  Notes
  1637  Hendrik Jansz Camp    24   100   In the winter fleet
                                        The ship sailed very poorly.
                                         Het schip zeilde zeer slecht.
                                         At M. H. Tromp's request, the ship was
                                          paid off.
  1650  Hendrik Jansz Camp    24   100   Relief force sent to Brazilie 
  1652  Adriaan Bruynsveld
10/1652  Adriaan Bruynsveld   24    80   Battle of the Downs (Kentish Knock)
12/1653  Adriaan Bruynsveld   24    80   Battle of Dungeness
3/1653  Adriaan Bruynsveld    24    80   Three Days' Battle (Portland)
8/1653  Adriaan Bruynsveld    24    80   Battle of Ter Heide (Scheveningen)
7/1654  Stellingwerf
  1658  Adriaan Bruynsveld    32    80   Battle of the Sound

While fighting 2 or 3 Swedish ships at the Battle of the Sound, Brunsveldt was mortally wounded and the Swedes boarded the ship. The greater portion of the crew were drowned or made prisoners by the Swedes. The captors set the Breda on fire, but 14 of the crew who were left behind extinguished the fire and repaired the ship so that it was able to sail for Landskrona to rejoin Lt-Admiral Van Wassenaer.

Not mentioned after 1658

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