Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dutch Captain: Johan Belgicus, graaf van Hoorne

Johan Belgicus, graaf van Hoorne, served the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. He had been a midshipman in 1663 and a captain in 1666. In 1664, he had served under De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Guinea coast. In 1666, he commanded the Gelderland in the Four Days' Battle and the St. James's Day Battle. In 1672, he fought in the Battle of Solebay, where he commanded the Westfriesland (78 guns). Later in 1672 until 1673, he served as a lieutenant-colonel of Marines on "the waterline". In 1674, he served under De Ruyter on the expedition to Martinique. He must have been serving as a marine or soldier, as he did not command a ship. Sources:
  1. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1600-1700", 2005.
  2. Gerard Brandt, Het Leven en Bedrijif van den Heere Michiel de Ruiter, 1687.
  3. J. C. Mollema, De Eere Rol, from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee, Vol.II, 1940.

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