Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Staet van Oorlog te Water for the year 1642

I had forgotten that I had a list titled "Staet van Oorloge te Water voor den Jaere 1642". The first ship listed is the "the frigate named Dordrecht", commanded by Captain Dierck Gerretsz Verberch. The Dordrecht was built in 1639 and was 130 lasts in size. The 130 lasts must be calculated with the dimensions in Maas feet (106ft x 25ft x 10ft) rather than in Amsterdam feet (116ft x 27ft x 11ft). I say that because the last factor for the Amsterdam feet is 265, which is too large. The factor for Maas feet is 203.85, which is very reasonable. The Dordrecht carried 2-bronze 12pdr, 2-bronze 4pdr, 10-iron 8pdr, 8-iron 6pdr, and 6-iron 4pdr guns.

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