Friday, October 05, 2007

Friesland ships

I continue to be interested in the way that Dutch ships were funded from 1648 and beyond. Nominally, there were 40 ships funded at the peace in 1648. By 1652, there are 36 ships listed on this one page that I have. For 1651, there are 37 ships listed, rather than the nominal 36 ships. Of these, for 1648, one was from the Admiralty of Friesland and two of the ships from 1651 were, as well. These ships must include the Breda, the Frisia, and the Westergo. I have not see which of these belongs to 1648 and which belong to 1651. I had long assumed that the Breda would have been funded in 1648, but that may not be correct.

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