Thursday, October 18, 2007

Information from Ron van Maanen

Ron van Maanen sent me some information from the Generaliteitsrekenkamer 1586-1799 nr.957 rekening 1652 admiralty Zeeland that he said that I could use on the blogs. This is the information about five ships, four of which served in De Ruyter's fleet in the Battle of Plymouth (Eendracht, Faeme, Liefdde, and Wapen van Sweden):

Captain Andries Fortuijn's ship, the Eendracht, was hired from Willem Bollare for a rate of 212 pond Vlaams 10 schellingen.

Captain Cornelis Loncke's ship, the Faeme, was hired from John Chevael and other owners for a monthly rate of 233 pond Vlaams, 6 schellingen, 8 grote Vlaams.

Captain Frans Mangelaer's ship, the Liefde, was hired from Jacob van Pantegem for four months for 766 pond Vlaams, 13 schellingen, 4 grote Vlaams.

Captain Dingeman Cats' ship Dolphijn was hired from Johan Gruterius, a merchant at Middelburg, for a monthly rate of 200 pond Vlaams.

Captain Jacob Sichels' ship, the Wapen van Sweden, was hired from Chrijstoffel Wouters for a monthly rate of 233 pond Vlaams, 6 schellingen 8 grote Vlaams.

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