Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The ship Maaght van Enkhuijsen (Maagd van Enkhuizen)

Cornelis Tromp commanded the Amsterdam ship Maagd van Enkhuizen in the Mediterranean in 1652. The document that I am looking at calls the ship the Maaght van Enkhuijsen. The dimensions shown here differ from what appears in Vreugdenhil's list:
The ship named the Maaght van Enkhuijsen
  commanded by Captain Cornelis Tromp

Length:     125ft
Beam:        29ft
Hold:        12ft
Deck Height:  6-3/4ft

34 guns: 18-12pdr, 4-8pdr, and 12-6pdr
Crew: 110 sailors and soldiers
in service from July 1651

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