Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Zeeland ship Dordrecht, built in 1653

Ron van Maanen has some more details about the Zeeland ship Dordrecht built at Middelburg by Frans Jasperssen and Jan Joppen in 1653. Both of the builders were from Dordrecht. On 21 July 1654, the Dordrecht was measured at 300 lasts. These are the details:
The ship Dordrecht

   1659 Jan Tijssen with De Ruyter's fleet in the Sound
06/1665 Adriaan van Haaze at the Battle of Lowestoft
08/1665 Adriaan van Haaze with De Ruyter's fleet
06/1666 Adriaan van Cruiningen at the Four Days' Battle
08/1666 Adriaan van Cruiningen at the St. James's Day Battle
   1671 Dirk Jobsz Kiela
08/1673 Willem Hendrickszoon at the Battle of the Texel

Length from stem to sternpost: 130ft
Beam:                           34ft
Hold:                           13-1/2ft
Height between decks:            7ft

30/03/1665  4-24pdr, 2-18pdr, 14-12pdr, 12-8pdr,
             8-6pdr, 2-4pdr, 2-3pdr, and 2-2pdr
   06/1666  2-24pdr, 4-18pdr, 16-12pdr, 12-8pdr, and 16-6pdr
      1667  4-24pdr, 4-18pdr, 26-12pdr and 8pdr, 18-6pdr, 4pdr, and 3pdr

06/1666  148 sailors and 52 soldiers

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  3. Ron van Maanen, unpublished manuscript, the "Zeeland" document, undated

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