Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A page dated 18 March 1652

The page dated 18 March 1652 has more Amsterdam Directors' ships:
The ship, the Princes Roijael, 8 April
(the ship commanded by Marten de Graeff, with
lieutenant Abraham de Koninck)
Dimensions: 127ft x 27ft x 12-1/2ft x 6-3/4ft

The ship, the Croon Imperiael, 24 March
(the ship commanded by Cornelis Jansz Poort)
Dimensions: 130ft x 30ft x 12-1/2ft x 7ft
Guns: 2-brass 24pdr, 10-brass 12pdr and 6 iron 12pdr,
       2-brass 6pdr and 10-iron 6pdr, and 4-3pdr

The ship groote Liefde, 5 April
(the ship commanded by Brian van Seelst)
Dimensions: 132ft x 29ft x 13-1/2ft x 6-1/2ft
Guns: 2-24pdr, 18-12pdr, 14-6pdr, and 4-3pdr

The ship, the groote Fortuijn, 6 April
(the ship commanded by Frederick de Coninck)
Dimensions: 141ft x 31ft x 14-1/2ft x 7ft
Guns: 4-brass 24pdr, 16-12pdr, 11-6pdr, and 4-3pdr

The ship, the Engel Michiel, 29 April
(the ship commanded by Frederick Bogaert)
Dimensions: 120ft x 27-3/4ft x 13ft x 6-3/4ft

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