Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Middelburg Directors' ship Gouden Leeuw

The Middelburg Directors' ship Gouden Leeuw, served from 1652 until early November 1653, when the ship was lost in a storm off the Texel, along with many other ships. Jacob Penssen commanded the ship throughout this period. Ron van Maanen found the detailed information about the Gouden Leeuw, as did Carl Stapel, more recently:
The ship Gouden Leeuw, kapitein Jacob Adriaansz Penssen

Length from stem to sternpost: 124ft
Beam:                           28ft
Hold:                            ?ft
Height between decks:            6-1/2ft

30 guns: 4-brass 24pdr, 2-brass 12pdr, 14-iron 8pdr, 6-iron 6pdr, and 2-iron 4pdr

Crew: 95 sailors and 25 soldiers

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  2. Carl Stapel, unpublished manuscript "Lijst van Nederlandse schepen in maart 1653", 2006

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