Saturday, November 25, 2006

What would be good to find

What would be great to find would be the armaments of the Dutch ships in the Battle of the Sound in 1658. Extra credit would be given for finding the dimensions and gun lists for the ships Waag and Cogge, both hired by the Stad van Amsterdam. I really would like to see an authoritative list fo guns for the Brederode with 59 guns on board. Frank Fox says that when you see the odd number of guns, that means that there was a gun firing through a port in the upper stern on the centerline. In Frank's book, Great Ships, there is a diagram of a large English ship that shows guns firing directly aft. There are groups of three guns, with the middle gun on the centerline. Frank says that the English stern structure was thick, so that guns firing aft had to be long to clear the hull. He also had told me that the Dutch often used heavier guns in the chase, that would either fire on the broadside, or be switched to fire out of ports firing either aft, or around the curve in the hull, forward.

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