Thursday, November 02, 2006

I think that Dr. Ballhausen was confused about the Zierikzee Directors' ship and Frans Mangelaer

After looking at Dr. Ballhausen's book, I am guessing the he was confused about the Zierikzee Directors' ship, as he had Frans Crijnsz Mangelaer as the luitenant of this ship, and that relates to why he called the ship the Liefde. In August 1652, we definitely know that Frans Mangelaer commanded a ship named Liefde (30 guns) in Michiel De Ruyter's fleet that was engaged in convoying in the Channel. Since Dr. Ballhausen mistakenly puts Frans Mangelaer as luitenant, I am suspicious about his analysis in this case. Carl Stapel says that Cornelis Mangelaer was schipper of the Wapen van Zierikzee, and that by late December 1652, he commanded the ship.

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