Sunday, February 26, 2006

English Captain: Daniel Helling

Daniel Helling served in the Restoration navy. In 1664, the Duke of York appointed him Captain of the Colchester. He fought in the Battle of Lowestoft in the Colchester (28 guns). He was assigned to Christopher Myngs' division in the White Squadron. In 1665, he was appointed to command three ships in turn: the Centurion, the Lion, and the Dragon. In June 1666, he fought in the Four Days' Battle where he was assigned to Sir Christopher Myngs' division in Prince Rupert's squadron. Later in 1666, the Duke of Albemarle and Prince Rupert appointed him to command the Montagu. He fought in the St. James's Day Battle on 25 July 1666. He was assigned to Sir Thomas Allin's division in the White Squadron. In 1668, they appointed him to command the Bristol. In December 1668, he was in the Mediterranean under the command of Sir Thomas Allin. Sir Thomas Allin's journal says that in July 1669, Daniel Helling commanded the Bristol in Sir Thomas Allin's squadron that set sail from Spithead, headed for the Mediterranean Sea. In January 1670 (they called in 1669 in the old style), Sir Edward Spragge appointed him to command the 3rd Rate Mary, after Captain Clark died. Sources:
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