Friday, February 10, 2006

Dutch Captain: Claes Janszoon Gaeuw

Claes Janszoon Gaeuw, usually called Claes Janszoon, confused Dr. Elias, as his name could be confused with Claes Janszoon Sanger, the captain of the Dubbele Arend. Claes Janszoon Gaeuw commanded the ship Leeuwin (of Middelburg) in late 1652 and 1653. In January 1653, Claes Janszoon, Joannes Michielszoon, Frans Mangelaer, and Jan Duijm, all Zeeland captains, were convoying four West Indiamen in from "the islands". He fought in the Three Days' Battle (Portland) in the Leeuwin. Following the battle, he was in a group of 17 Zeeland ships commanded by Jan Evertsen, headed for home. On 21 May 1653, he had Jan Evertsen on board, headed for the Goeree Gatt. Sources:
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