Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dutch Naval Officer: Willem 't Hooft

Willem 't Hooft served the Admiralty of the Maze. He was born in Rotterdam about 1674. He died there on 7 May 1752. He was appointed as a lieutenant on 6 May 1692. He is listed again as a lieutenant on 19 November 1692. He was promoted to captain on 8 November 1713. He left the service in 1717. He served in the Portuguese navy from 1717 to 1725. He returned to the Dutch navy and was appointed as a captain in 1725. In 1729, he served in a squadron sent against the Algerians. He commanded the ship Twickelo (52 guns). In 1743, he was with a fleet sent to the Baltic. He commanded the ship Hof Sint-Janskerk (40 guns). On 8 May 1746, he was appointed as Vice-Admiral. In 1747, he was a member of the high sea war council in Zeeland. On 8 March 1750, he was appointed as Lieutenant-Admiral. Sources:
  1. Luc Eekhout, Het Admiralenboek: De Vlagofficieren van de Nederlandse marine 1382-1991, 1992.
  2. J. C. De Jonge, Geschiedenis van het Nederlandsche Zeewezen, Vol.IV, 1861.

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