Friday, February 17, 2006

Dutch Captain: Maurits Sels

Maurits Sels served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1698, he was appointed as an extraordinarie-kapitein-ter-zee. On 19 May 1705, he was with Commandeur Jacobus Teengs, on the return voyage to Hull, convoying 20 merchant ships. They encountered three French ships commanded by the Chevalier de Saint Pol. The three consisted of one of 56 guns, one of 52 guns, and one of 36 guns. Captain Sels and Commandeur Teengs continued through the night, hoping to bring the merchant ship in safely, and to avoid an unequal fight. They finally decided to fight to give the merchant ships a chance to reach the Texel. In the fight, Sels' ship lost its foremast and bowsprit and was forced to anchor. Commandeur Teengs continued the fight against the second French ship and three times repelled borders. After fighting through the night, both ships were practically powerless and had part of their armament disabled. In 1707, Captain Sels served in the Mediterranean near Livorno. In 1712, he was promoted to ordinaris-kapitein. Sources:
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