Monday, January 15, 2007

The Svenska Flottans Historia

I have a few copies from the Svenska Flottans Historia, of which the University of Minnesota has a copy. I was interested because of my interest in the 17th Century naval wars in the Baltic. In particular, I am interested in everything to do with the Battle of the Sound in 1658. The entire three volume set, published in 1942, is very pricey. I see prices in the range from $360 to $840. The book has ship and gun data, and photographs of old guns and carriages. The book has tables with gun data for various dates, including 1658:
                 Brass guns                                Iron guns
Ship             30pr 24pr 18pr 14pr 12pr 10pr 8pr 6pr 3pr 18pr 14pr 8pr 6pr 3pr
Kronan                24         4   26            14   6
Viktoria          2   26             24            16   4
Mars                   6        12    8             4   4   2    2        4
Apollo                 4         8    2             6   2        6        4    

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