Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Rotterdam ship Eendracht, built in 1666

The ship Eendracht was built in Rotterdam by Jan Salmonsz van den Tempel in 1666. The Eendracht was a large ship with dimensions 160ft x 42-1/2ft x 16ft. The height between decks was 7-1/2ft. The Eendracht served as Aert Jansz van Nes's flagship up through the end of the Third Anglo-Dutch War. From 1675 to 1676, the Eendracht was Michiel De Ruyter's flagship in the Mediterranean Sea. He was mortally wounded in the Battle of Etna (or Agosta) on 22 April 1676. His opponent, Abraham Duquesne stopped fighting upon hearing of De Ruyter's wound and withdrew. The Eendracht was in service until 1690. The Eendracht's armament varied over time:
19 May 1666:  14-24pdr, 26-18pdr, 12-12pdr, 16-6pdr, and 8-4pdr guns
24 Feb 1672:  14-24pdr, 12-18pdr, 24-12pdr, 6-6pdr, and 14-4pdr guns

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  2. Wikipedia page on the Battle of Agosta (English)

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