Tuesday, January 16, 2007

English Captain: Anthony Joyne

Anthony Joyne served in the Commonwealth navy. In 1653, he commanded the Portuguese prize Convertine. He sailed from Portsmouth on 30 March 1653, in William Penn's squadron. The Convertine carried 44 guns and had a crew of 220 men. After the Restoration, the Convertine and her peers were classified as 4th Rates, but in the First Dutch War, they were small 3rd Rates. The actual date that Anthony Joyne took command of the Convertine is uncertain. Very likely, he commanded the Convertine in the Three Days Battle (the Battle of Portland). The published list for the Battle of the Gabbard shows the Convertine, with Anthony Joyne in command, assigned to William Goodsen's Rear Division in the Blue Squadron. He very likely also fought in the Battle of Scheveningen. He was still in command of the Convertine on 13 September 1653. By 27 December, 1653, John Hayward commanded the Convertine. Sources:
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